I write, I draw, I compose music. Am I good at any of that? Well, a lot depends on taste!


I was born in London, raised in Cornwall and  moved to the Midi Pyrenees during my formative years. On my return to the UK from France I served in the Royal Air Force then worked in forestry for a number of years. Injuries I sustained in my employment sent me in another direction, I returned to college and this led to University and a Bachelor of Education degree. I work in a Special School as a teacher of Design and Technology. I am married to my childhood sweetheart Catherine and we have four grown-up kids. I spend most summers and holidays in the Languedoc region of France where my family still live.


I was introduced to poetry by celebrated poet Charles Causley while I was at school.

I dabbled in poetry and had a few bits published, but turned my attention to prose after I managed to win a short story competition. Now I write stories in all sorts of different genres.


I come from an artistic family, little wonder that the trait rubbed off! I dabble while the rest of the family are committed professionals in this field. Nevertheless, I do cartoons, sketch, draw, paint and sculpt.


I like electronic music,( yes it's sad I was in my element in the 80s) due to the European influence of Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk and Space. I bought a synthesizer and composed songs which can be heard here.

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